About Dr. Eric Weiner

Eric Weiner's work centers on helping people successfully transfer the values, dreams, family stories, and legacies associated with money from the past to the present, and well into the future.

Dr. Eric Weiner is a consultant, speaker, coach and therapist. He brings a variety of skills to his work with affluent clients and advisors. Services include the facilitation of intergenerational family meetings and client-centered training for financial advisors. Working as part of a multidisciplinary team, his mission is to help families flourish by promoting a positive family culture. His passion is to help families define a legacy that preserves both financial assets and family relationships over time.

His award-winning book “Words from the HEART: A Practical Guide to Writing an Ethical Will,” is a tool that assists families in defining what matters most in the inheritance preparation process. He is an experienced speaker and has given numerous presentations to companies including Northwestern Mutual Life, The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, and Northern Trust Bank. His recently published “Ethical Wills: Words from the Jewish HEART” is a valuable resource for Jewish foundations and organizations. 

His professional training includes a Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy from Kansas State University, and he has held academic appointments at the Medical College of Wisconsin and Michigan State University.

"If you or people you know have a desire to preserve the virtues and values they hold most dear, this is a must hear presentation. It has expanded my consciousness beyond the dollars and cents estate planning discussions bring.
Regardless of net worth, the ideas in this presentation can be a great way to communicate to future generations ways to live well."


Client Feedback

David Duffrin
Managing Partner Northern States Brokerage, LLC