In “Words from the HEART,” Dr. Weiner has designed a guidebook for those who want to take inheritance planning to the next level. He introduces the use of Ethical Wills as a way to define and add meaning to our legacy for subsequent generations.

- Jay Hughes, Author of Family Wealth, and Family: The Compact Among Generations, and Family Wealth: Keeping it in the Family

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- Daniel P. Felix, JD, The Professional Trustee

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Eric Weiner has accomplished

In “Ethical Wills: Words from the Jewish HEART,”

Dr. Weiner expands on his previous work and highlights ethical wills written from a Jewish perspective. Stimulating quotes and thought-provoking challenge questions guide you through the process of writing your own ethical will from the Jewish Heart.

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I highly recommend it.

a straightforward and simple-though not always easy!- workbook to help one generation share from the heart to the next generation. Infused with Jewish wisdom, it’s a wonderful guide and support for all faiths.

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“The Family Money Story: Looking Beyond the Numbers”

Writing an Ethical Will

Strategies for the Use of

Ethical Wills in Your Practice

Find Your Family’s V.O.I.C.E.

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